11 Resources That Will Help You Get Started With Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

If you’re curious about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but aren’t quite sure where to start, here are some resources that will help you get going…

ICoin Pro’s Free Training Account

If you click here a new window will open with a quick intro video from ICoinPro founder Justin Clarke.

I use the advanced paid trainings from ICoinPro to successfully trade crypto daily, but the “Free Training Account” is also a solid place to get started if you just want to know how to buy your first bitcoin and get it into a wallet.

Ivan On Tech’s Youtube Channel

I watch Ivan’s “Wake Up Crypto” show every morning while having coffee. It’s a great place to go for a solid mix of macroeconic and crypto news from day to day.

I’m also a member of Ivan’s Academy, which has an amazing amount of content inside. If you really want to understand how blockchain and crypto really works inside and out, consider using my affiliate link to take the 7 day trial of the academy. The “Blockchain and Crypto 101” Course is a great place to get started.

Crypto Youtube Channels

In addition to Ivan’s, here are some other Crypto youtube channels I’m subscribed to:

The last 2 are technical analysts… definitely watch Kirby’s stuff at 1.75x speed. The way he smacks down the moon boy little James is hilarious at fast speed.

“Macro” Youtubers

Definitely also check out these youtubers who talk about the macroeconomic conditions that are making it more and more important for you to finally learn about and hold some crypto.

Mike’s Hidden Secrets Of Money is a must watch!

and finally…


Cryptobizzy is a “Viral Affiliate” Membership site I created specifically for Crypto Affiliate Marketers and Traders…

It’s kind of a fun way to start earning crypto fast, without having to invest any $$$ to acquire any…

Welcome To The Dark Side!!!

I really believe that the world will become a better place as more people become plugged into this stuff.

So thank you for being here!

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