Digital Access Pass Review (Clickfunnels Alternative)

If you’re looking for a membership + affiliate + shopping cart solution, and you’re not convinced Clickfunnels is the right way to go, then you might like Digital Access Pass.

Here’s a quick 8 minute overview of how I’ve used DAP across a number of projects for the past 5 years or so…

Below the video is a quick list of the features I like and use heavily…

3 Awesome Digital Access Pass Features That I Use A LOT:

Favorite Feature # 1: DAP “Upline”

I use DAP Upline a lot on my “Drip Affiliate” sites, ReallySimpleSystem.Com &

Dap upline lets you grab information that’s attached to a referring affiliate, and pull it onto a page… So for these 2 sites, I use this feature to help affiliates effortlessly sell stuff to other affiliates.

DAP UPline Code Example

Favorite Feature #2: “Every Page Can Be Turned Into An Affiliate Link”

Digital Access Pass doesn’t just let you create 1 affiliate link for your members… it’s goes WAY further than that.

Not only is every member instantly enrolled and given an affiliate link… they can be given an affiliate link for EVERY PAGE.

Here’s a screenshot of how this plays out in the Promo Tools area of my Really Simple System site:

Digital Access Pass Affiliate Pages

And here’s a look at the same thing playing out via the “Sharables” feature on the same system…

Affiliate Sharing Example

Favorite Feature #3: Content Dripping (with “In Page” Functionality)

Digital Access Pass makes it really easy to do some pretty sophisticated stuff when it comes to showing/hiding content to y our members.

I use the “make available after x days” feature heavily in my 30 day systems…

And from time to time have been able to do some really interesting upselling by showing videos to some users that don’t have upgraded access to users that aren’t yet upgraded.

If you create an account at one of my systems, you’ll see what I mean by this, but in the meantime, here’s a quick look at DAP’s in page dripping and other shortcodes.

There’s A Bunch Of Other Digital Access Pass Features That I Use Daily…

Things like the built in email autoresponder, the form code generator, “Smart Pay Cart,’ and the new Course/Learning management features definitely don’t deserve to be left out in any Digital Access Pass review. I’ll just leave it to you to learn about those on your own.

Bottom line is… if you’re looking for an Alternative to Clickfunnels…. Or if you’re just hunting for a really solid membership plugin that can do just about anything you throw at it, then I definitely can’t recommend Digital Access Pass highly enough.

Digital Access Pass starts at just $29.99 for Platinum and the $49.99 monthly plan includes a ton of value, including access to Smart Pay Cart!

If you decide to use my Digital Access Pass Link to Purchase DAP today , feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have on getting started.

Thanks for reading and watching!