A Post Purchase Postcard Example That Generates Reviews, Creates Repeat Sales, and Makes Your Customers Like You More?

Yesterday I was cruising the outgoing orders list in Thanks.io and came across an Amazon “Post Purchase” Ecommerce Postcard that checked off a bunch of boxes.

Here’s a video that shows the front and back sides of the card, with some thoughts about why this type of card can be so effective.

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As mentioned in the video, I really like the “leverage” that’s built into the card, with a lot of “birds” being killed with the one postcard stone.

  • The front side takes people to the global Amazon review page (Amazon.Com/RYP)
  • It also offers an upselling promo code to create a repeat purchase.
  • And, captures an email address / builds a customer list.
  • Then the handwriting on the backside tugs at the heartstrings and makes the business feel really human.

The whole thing is done with a lot of interesting built in sales psychology, such as the scarcity of the code only being available for 7 days.

If you sell with amazon, or do any kind of ecommerce, and you want help engineering a campaign like this, let me know. (The whole process can be automated, with postcards being triggered via zapier or api whenever you have a new order.)

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