Quick Look At Webtalk.co (Facebook / Linkedin Alternative?)

Webtalk is definitely interesting.

It’s kind of like a Facebook/Linkedin hybrid… and has a number of fun features…

  • Cross Posting of Content To Multiple Social Networks
  • 5 Tier Affiliate Program (with Free people being able to earn too.)
  • Ad revenue shared with users.
  • A pretty smooth interface… feels nice
  • Sophisticated separating of Personal / Business contacts
  • Plus… hey, it’s new.. so it’s not as evil as facebook yet 🙂

If you want, you can click here and create a free Webtalk account now.

And once you have a link, be sure to add it to Day 2 of the Really Simple System in order to generate easy referrals 🙂

Edit To Video: It looks like Webtalk’s cross posting actually posts a link back to the webtalk post… Definitely a clever way to generate referrals by cross posting content… I could see situations where this could work well, but also situations where it’s not ideal.. Still neat though…